Individual Grants

Independent Living

For the 20,000 youth nationwide who emancipate or age out of the foster care system every year, nothing is more terrifying than the number 18. It is on this birthday that these youth, many abused and neglected before entering the system, are expected to immediately become responsible adults. At 18, they are instantly cut off from a system that never prepared them to live on their own. Every year in San Francisco alone, over 200 youth will age out or emancipate from the system.

City Youth Now provides support for the youth emancipating or aging out from the foster care system in San Francisco. This support includes deposits on apartments, furniture and kitchen supplies, transportation, help with registration fees and books for school, support for job training programs, and much more.

City Youth Now grants provided in this area have made a significant difference in the lives of several young people attempting to make the transition to independence.