For many years, The Corner Store has served as a small, but special source of revenue for City Youth Now.

The Corner Store first opened its doors over two decades ago when former board president, Joan Coyne and board member Patricia Kiernan saw a need for a small store to sell items of comfort for visiting family members and friends to purchase and take to the detained youth. The store was entirely volunteer built and donated by City Youth Now.

From this original mission to sell items for the detained youth, the store has evolved to selling items for the individuals who work at the Juvenile Justice Center, and those awaiting trial. The Corner Store also stocks fun fashion lines with items for every occasion! We invite you to stop in and see our entirely new line of products.

The Corner Store is located in the lobby of the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department and is generally open Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 4:30PM thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers!

City Youth Now continues to support blooming young artists, jewelers, and innovators from the San Francisco Juvenile Court System. Come check out their newest creations available for purchase at the Corner Store.


If you’re interested in helping at the corner store, download a volunteer application.

Please send all volunteer forms to:

City Youth Now
375 Woodside Avenue
San Francisco, CA   94127


Fax to: 415-682-0126

Pictured: Maxine, our long-standing Corner Store volunteer and generous member of the City Youth Now family. She has dedicated over 13 years of friendly service and continues to spread warmth to everyone that walks through our doors.

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