Volunteer Today

For more than 60 years, City Youth Now has relied heavily on the invaluable support of our volunteers to provide services, work with youth, help in the office, and fundraise on our behalf.  Now, more than ever, City Youth Now needs help from people like you.

If you would like to volunteer, download this form, fill it out, and email it to us at ananda@cityyouthnow.org, or mail it to us at 375 Woodside Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94127 or fax it to us at 415-682-0126.

Below are some of the areas where we could use your assistance. We pledge to do everything in our power to make your volunteer experience productive and rewarding. Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Current Volunteer Opportunities With City Youth Now:

  • Volunteer tutors to assist in all subject areas for GED test prep
  • Volunteer tutors to assist in the classrooms of the Woodside Learning Center and the Success Center SF
  • Volunteer in The Corner Store as a cashier
  • Assist in the office with data entry and light office work
  • Assist with direct mailings
  • Coordinate a Toy Drive for gifts for foster youth
  • Coordinate a Penny Drive and raise funds for at-risk youth
  • Host and coordinate a fundraising event that benefits City Youth Now
  • Be available on an on-call basis to help young people move furniture and other items into their new apartments

Feel free to call us at 415-753-7576 or email us at ananda@cityyouthnow.org with questions about volunteering.

Volunteer Support

City Youth Now is driven by its volunteers. These special people are making a difference in the lives of San Francisco's neediest children. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for their commitment and ongoing effort to ensure that ever child in our community receives services that generate a sense of self worth and dignity.

We apologize if you have been inadvertently omitted from this list. It in no way lessens our gratitude for your support and commitment to bridging the gap for San Francisco youth in crisis.


Volunteers list

Lillian Anderson
Monique Hurcabo
Heidi Rausch
Malcom Angus
Chi Huynh
Tanya Reid
Joanne Baker
Kira Iraheta
Jessa Reus
Su Jin Ban
Sue Isonio
Agnes Reyes
Andrea Banas
Harriet Iwamoto
Lucresha Richards
Kristin Beatham
Linda Jackson
Wayne Riley
Ursula Benesch
Jamie Jarabek
Raynelle Rino
Ursula Benesch
Laurie Jones
Alana Robinson
Michael Blum
Rachel Kaplan
Doug Rose
Marilyn Breen
Marta Karolak
Nicholas Rose
Janna Budge
Eddie Keator
Jon Ross
Shoshana Burdman
Bob Kelly
Heidi Rousch
Jenny Cao
Evan Kha
Anne Ryan
Lily Cao
Abby Khodayari
Mina Sack
Mickele Carpenter
Phillip Kim
Alex Sanchez
Samantha Carson
Sara Kimelman
Michael Santimauro
Daniel Carylo
Mari Kobara
Hannah Schulman
Antoinette Cattani
Connie Krosney
Maxine Schulman
Cattani Imports
Connie Krosney
Mary Serna
Charles Schwab
Kingsley Kwok
LeAnna Sharp
Angela Chen
Tiffany La
Amy Siegel
Lucia Chen
Carmen La
Amy Siegel
Candy Cheung
Sheaffer Lapham
Hitomi Silver
Czarina Chung
Anne Lee
Faanuu Siona
Classic Wines of California
Kin Lee
Wilson Skinner
Mary Cronin
Wilson Lee
Angela Madonia Skinner
Lisa Crounse
Yui Chi Lee
Rachel Sorensen
Alexandra Descano
David Lee
Antoinette Spitz
Jamie Diaz
Ann Lew
Cory Sprachman
Norm Dito
Anne Lew
Michael Squeri
Jamie Diy
Karen Li
Ian Stan
Kimberly Dooley
Kelly Li
Caitlin Sterling
Patty Dowling
Patrick Li
Gabriel Stern
Nora Dwyer
Michael Lindberg
Shana Stolaryczk
Nora Dwyer
Scott Lindlaw
Susan Stone
Benjamin Eichorn
Stephanie Ling
Prescott Stone
Donna Engmann
Mary Jo Litke
Lucy Strand
Neal Evans
Denise Louie
Kevin Sullivan
Alexnadra Eversole
Sofya Low
Jia Sun
Finegan Ferrebeouf
Alison Lustbader
Vijay Swamidass
Brian Fiutsi
Jennifer Lynn-Whaley
Taylor Swing
Franchesca Flores
Heather M.
Victoria Tam
Cinthya Flores
Aaron Magid
Ellys Tan
Paul Flores
Ritu Malhotra
Aurora Tang
Francesca Flores
Denise Mancia
Kiyo Tanji
Steven Foster
Michelle Mariano
Nicola Tateosian
Mark Friesen
Breanna Mariano
Edumund Taylor
Michael Fung
Barbara Marquez
Cheryle Thao
Patricia Gallagher
Cathleen McCarthy
Mara Thomas
Jack Gallagher
Laura McDonnell
Bill Thompkins
Shannon Geis
Laura McDonnell
Ani Thompkins
Megan McEnulty
Christal Tossany
Laura Gilfether
Heather McFarlane
Wilson Tse
Robert Gill
Paul McIntyre
Kyle Tsing
Charlotte Gjedsted
Christopher McNeil
Jessica Tucker
Kevin Goldson
Michael Meadows
Rose Tully
Brandon Golob
Jennifer Mendoza
Jerry Tusan
Jennifer Gonzales
Jennifer Mendoza
Upland Crystal Springs Middle School
Ilisha Graham
Elizabeth Mimski
Madeline Van Engel
Caroline Grannan
Nancy Moore
Veronica Varela
Anne Gregory
Alisha Moore
Yen Vi
Anne Gregory
Eric Moore
Jenny Vien
Sherry Guan
Christy Morales
Christine Villanueva
Kathy Guis
Allison Moscoso
Tiffany Vu
Christina Hackley
Simon Moyroud
Sari Wade
Helen Hall
Orlaith Murphy
Elaine Walker
Molly Hall
Sheila Murphy
Laura Ward
Tina Hamalaien
Liz Nash
Wells Fargo
Julie Hansen
Marysol Navarro
Brad Whittell
Audrey Hauller
Yan Mei Ng
Chelsea Wiggins
Jennifer Ng
Stephanie Williams
Kala Heekin
Cristina Nguyen
Shante Williams
Bob Heinrich
Ashley O'Brien
Marcus Wilson
Jonathon Heinrich
Sinead O'Connor
Lois Winder
Janie Heinrich
Charles Oppenheirer
Lois Winder
Jennifer Hermon
Crystal Paul
Lily Wu
Robert Hirsch
Thuy Nhi Pham
Alex Yi
Darrin Ho
Olivera Plamenac
Susan Ytterberg
Jeffrey Holl
Daniel Pok
Michelle Yu
Hayley Hornus
Carson Porter
Susan Yu
Jason Howell
Christina Posadas
Karen Z.
Brandon Huang
Pam Prestininzi
Anna Zhou
Charlene Hugel
Cynthia Radovich
Raymond Ziao
Anna Hui