Our Programs

Youth Partnering for Education & Employment (YPEE)

This program integrates our educational support and vocational training services with activities and resources that prepare youth for gainful employment.

Personal Empowerment Program (PEP)

Our Personal Empowerment Program focuses on supporting the holistic development of our youth by supporting and funding their unique needs.

Inside-Out: Juvenile Justice Center Programs

Our Inside-Out program provides recreational activities to youth housed in the Juvenile Justice Center and support for other therapeutic activities conducted by JJC staff.

We envision a society where all youth have the resources and support systems to achieve their goals and become healthy, contributing members of society.


The #EmpowerYouthNow campaign highlights the fullness of our youth. We are all more than our mistakes, our pasts, and the families and neighborhoods we come from. To give more visibility to the real stories and identities of who we serve, we visited youth housed in the Juvenile Justice Center in San Francisco and asked them to share who they are and who they are not. The goal of this project was to allow a space for youth to challenge misconceptions about who they are perceived to be.

At City Youth Now, we believe our youth are more than what meets the eye and are committed to empowering them to create their own identities. Through our services and programs, we envision a world where circumstance does not dictate destiny. Potential does not act alone – it must be met with resources and opportunities in order to flourish. 

Your contribution this holiday season provides opportunities for our youth to succeed and thrive